Types of Identity Theft

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A crime that has continued to increase in frequency and has become one of the most prevalent in our time is identity theft. While you might already be aware of this, do you know about the various types of identity theft that you can be affected by? The idea that your life can be turned upside down in such a short period of time because someone got access to your personal information is a scary thought for anyone. However, by being informed about the types of identity theft, you can reduce the possibility of being a victim.

When some think of identity theft, thoughts of credit card numbers being stolen run through their minds. While this is one type, there are many other types of identity theft to be aware of. The following covers items that thieves want to get their hands on.

Social Security Number

This is not difficult for thieves to steal, and once they get their hands on one their options are numerous. They can open new bank accounts, apply for credit using your name, gain access to all kinds of records such as credit reports and medical records, and anything else listed by your Social Security Number. Thieves can also get employment under your name.

Driver’s License

Back in the day, minors would steal a drivers license so they could be allowed into a bar. This made up many of these thefts. Now, a thief can steal a person’s identity with this type of identity theft. For convenience, some people like to print their drivers license number on their checks. This is a big mistake, as it’s not required and if you give your check to a thief, he or she can use it to commit identity theft.


This type of identity theft involves the thief obtaining your work history and using it to gain employment under your name. One way a thief can access your work history is by finding your resume online. The thief can then not pay income taxes, and of course you will have problems with the IRS because of it.


A common and more well known type of identity theft involves a stolen bank account number, online brokerage accounts, and of course credit card fraud. Thieves can take all the money out of your bank accounts before you even know what’s happened.

While there are more types of identity theft, the above are some of the key ones to remember. By keeping them in mind, you can better protect your identity. Taking the necessary steps to do so will allow you to avoid the painful process of recovering your identity. One way to do this is to sign up with identity theft protection services.

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