Identity Theft Shield Review

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While identity theft crimes have been around for quite some time, they are more common now than ever before. This growth can be contributed partially to the software and hardware advances, in addition to the internet. Credit monitoring services are available so individuals can be alerted when their credit report changes. “Identity Theft Shield” is a service offered by Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. to its members and the public. It provides additional security for individuals by detecting and restoring their identity.

The concept of the identity theft shield is having professionals monitor your credit in exchange for a fee. This protection gives consumers peace of mind knowing that if any unusual transactions come up on their credit, they will be notified immediately. Pre-paid Legal charges $12.95 per month if you aren’t a member, and $9.95 if you sign up for their membership. For those who shop online frequently or own a business, this is an investment worth making.

In the unfortunate event that someone were to become a victim, the identity theft shield would take responsibility for all the issues, including paperwork. This would not only save you time, but money as well over the long term. Also, catching the thief is much more likely when a professional service is collecting the information. Should you not have a service to rely upon, you will probably end up spending thousands in legal fees and hundreds of hours of your time. You could even lose your job and home as well.

Identity Theft Shield

Therefore, credit monitoring like Identity Theft Shield is an important part of protecting your identity. You will receive assistance when your credit report has errors in association with accounts you created. The burden is lifted off your shoulders to protect and restore your identity. The Identity Theft Shield fee that you will pay monthly pales in comparison to what you might have to pay on your own as a victim.

Identity Theft Shield – Summary

Identity theft shield is one of the best solutions available for monitoring and restoration. However, even with a service such as this one, each person should set up their own shield as well by minimizing risk as much as possible. This means shredding all important documents as opposed to throwing it in the trash where a thief could easily search and find it. Place all important data in a safe place and avoid carrying around checkbooks and social security numbers everywhere you go. It’s easy just to rely on a Identity Theft Shield monitoring service, but isn’t it best that they never alert you?

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