Identity Theft Types

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There are several different identity theft types. You’ll be more informed about identity theft by knowing the different strategies. Here are five tips on identity theft types.

Online Identity Theft Types

It can happen to a fake website asking for personal information to obtain credit online. Online banking is another place where identity theft happens when you enter your information into a fake bank site.

Fake Text Messages

Text messages are sent to people unaware of security risks asking them personal information. The fake text messages usually come from a big known corporation that the person is pretending to be from in order to gain your credit card number.


Your friends can gather your personal information easily when you leave them in the car to run into the gas station for a minute. Don’t ignore any red flags that pop up. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them.


Be careful of anyone that has access to your credit report. Be cautious around anyone that helps you pay your bills each month such as a family caregiver. Any one of these individuals can steal your identity. It can be your ex spouse, grandma, grandpa, and granddaughter. Don’t overlook your daughter,son, son-in-law, daughter-in-law. Anyone that is relative can steal your identity.

Service Employees in Your Home

The maid can steal your information easily. Give her access to your house then she’ll be able to steal anything. Think about the people that enter your home.


People that are wanted by law enforcement will usually steal another persons identity. The fugitive won’t usually open up credit accounts since the person wants a new life in disguise as someone else.

New Life

Some people simply want a new life for a number of different reasons. A woman could use a new identity to escape her abuser. She knows that a new life with a new ID gives her a sense of security. She can start over without needing to worry about anything.

New Credit

The criminal that commits identity theft with the sole intention of obtaining new credit accounts is the worst kind. The reason why I say this is because it takes years to sort out this type of damage. Collectors will often find that the person used a bogus address to have the bills sent to in order to throw you off for months or even years depending upon how often you check your credit. The other thing is some credit accounts don’t show up as long as the bill is paid on time and not late.

Desperate People

Desperate people will often think nothing of taking a credit card to use to acquire something. They often will ditch the credit card often using it a few times without ever getting caught. Be careful of people who you notice looking around your purse or wallet. They may be gathering checking account information and credit card information.

Fake Legit Looking Checks

Professional criminals often know how to make a fake legit looking check using your account number. It is quit easy to do once you have mastered the skill.

Credit Card Swiper

Pro’s also know how to make a fake credit card swiper using your credit card number to take money out of an ATM before you notice it.

Criminals Can Be Employee From Inside Corporations

There have been criminals that steal identity information from working inside a company. They often get away with this behavior for a while. The company does know that most personal information is either revealed by an employee, used by an employee, or stolen.

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