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For a long time, thieves committed identity theft crimes by taking what we consider to be old-fashioned approaches. Examples of identity theft include searching through mailboxes, digging in garbage cans for credit card receipts or bank statements, and stealing purses to name a few. Some thieves would dive into dumpsters so they had a better chance of finding personal information.

As you are aware, the internet is full of intruders that are trying everything they can to get in their possession someone’s identity. Since the economy has gone downward the way it has, this problem has only become worse. Financial and personal information is being targeted by thieves. Once this information is acquired by a thief, your bank account and credit can both suffer. So with that said, what can you do to guard against identity theft?

In addition to signing up with identity theft protection services, you can also use identity theft software, and there are various brands that offer it. But how do you know which ones are most effective? The following are some tips and guidelines to consider when buying identity theft software.

Identity Theft Software: Important Features

Whatever identity theft software you purchase, it should be able to update automatically. The better software will include this, and the updates will usually happen in the background without having to download anything. It also should not affect the performance of your computer.

Identity theft software should also send a warning when you are about to download anything or enter a site that is thought to be unsafe.

Firewalls should be built into your software to guard against hackers. A security report should also be issued to inform how your computer was protected. Any operating system security breaches should also be guarded against.

The identity theft software should scan your computer automatically when it’s not active. E-mails and IM’s should be scanned to prevent Trojans and viruses from infecting your computer.

Some software will feature a privacy protector, which gives you the ability to get rid of your tracks as well as temporary internet files, cookies, search histories, and others.

Customer support should be offered 24/7, by e-mail, chat, and phone.

SurfSecret Total Privacy and Norton Internet Security are two types of identity theft software that are highly recommended. When you do comparison shopping, you will discover that these two pieces of software meet most of the criteria. ZoneAlarm Security Suite and McAfee Internet Security are two additional options that are full of features.

Overall, find the identity theft software that will provide protection against activities online, your identity, and files. These days, getting the basic anti-virus software isn’t strong enough. Always keep in mind that thieves are searching for your information. If you let your guard down, then you can become very vulnerable.

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