How can thieves steal you identity?

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Identity theft is an ancient practice. With a steady growth of population globally and technology advances, the practice has continued to thrive. People steal identities either as a tool to defame others or just to steal from them. Most identity thefts that have been recorded were targeted at stealing money and other valuables from the victims. Whereas there are those thieves that target specific people, most identity thefts are random and consequently victims are drawn from all walks of life. Maybe you have never heard about identity theft and you are wondering how and why it happens. When identity thieves access your confidential information they are able impersonate you. They can apply for credit cards, loans, driving licenses, etc using your identification information. Your Social Security Number can be used by the thieves to apply for jobs. You might not learn of such occurrences until somebody contacts you requesting for payments for services you did not use or a fraud that you supposedly committed. There are many methods that identity thieves can use to steal your identity but we shall look at the most prominent methods.


Many of us trash old bills, notebooks, letters, etc. These documents can be ideal points of entry for identity thieves. While you are careless about what information you included in the old diary, someone else might find it helpful because it bearers your driving license number, Social Security Number, Credit Cards Number, etc. Armed with these details, a thieve can apply for a job or a credit card using your name and leave the debt behind for you to service. It is important to go through all documents you intend to trash and if possible it is advisable to destroy them instead of leaving them in usable formats.


Phishing is a modern method of stealing identities. This method utilizes emails, junk emails, and pop ups on users browsers. Identity thieves send junk messages that sometimes require recipients to confirm such details as credit card information. Nowadays many people know the tricks and do not reply to such emails. However there are new internet users that submit their details whenever they are prompted to do so. Online identity thieves have been inventing new ways of stealing identities and it is advisable that you don’t submit personal information to any websites or emails that you are not sure about.

Changing Address

Thieves can use bank employees or other payment processing companies to gain access to your mails. They can then change the contact details so that they receive your bank statements, bills and other crucial documents without your knowledge. The information borne by these documents can be used to access your bank accounts and other valuables. It is important to note inconsistencies in mail deliveries and to act promptly when you notice any tampered, missing or delays mails. This way you can correct identity theft before major damages are made.


Identity thieves can access your personal documents and identifications by forcefully taking them from you. Thieves can also steal documents from companies offices or banks which they can later use to steal from you. This form of identity stealing is the most difficult to manage but everyone should avoid exposing themselves to possible thieve risks. Regular personal finances audits is also a good way of eliminating possible damages caused by identity thieves.

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