5 Ways on How identity theft is committed

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People often wonder how identity theft is committed. People often don’t think about other people hearing them rattle off their social security number on the phone in a waiting room.

People don’t realize how private the social security numbers need to be protected so it doesn’t fall into the criminals hands. Here are five ways on how identity theft is committed without your knowledge.

#1 Your Moms Maiden Name

The criminal can open up credit accounts over the telephone with your mothers maiden name. It is one of the security questions asked which makes it easy to steal identity and obtain credit accounts.

#2 Your Social Security Number

You probably wonder how he got your Social Security Number? Think about all the places that you’ve revealed your Social Security number in the past. The criminal either stole it directly from you that implies someone you know, or indirectly from another source.

#3 Your Birth Certificate Information

The criminal either knows you directly or stole the information from an official source. Official sources are places such as Welfare, Drivers License Division, and Health Department. The criminal could of paid someone off from inside to get the information.

#4 Drivers License Number or State ID

The criminal either is someone that you know that at one time had access to your wallet or purse. The person could of been someone you don’t know that either was an employee of a company, or paid someone off. Employees are the number one people often suspected of Identify Theft in the drivers license division.

#5 Place of Employment

Your job is another place where you reveal social security number and drivers license number or state ID. Any number of employees can discover how identity theft is committed just to make your life miserable as a revenge tactic.

How identity theft is committed often takes skill and sneaky tactics to not get caught. Identity theft is often done to buy a new life in another state, a revenge tactic, and sometimes just to run from the law.

Identity theft happens more often than you think it does on a regular basis. It takes a long time to catch a criminal because they know how to cover their tracks.

The criminals can live underground using your information without you knowing as long as they stay smart about it.

Please remember the criminals that do identity theft are pro’s at it. They know exactly what they are doing when they steal your identity. They are often considered professionals in the black market.

Some victims of identity theft only have to deal with new ID’s being issued to the criminal. The other victims of identity theft spend forever trying to undo all the credit accounts the criminal opened.

The main ways how identity theft is committed are place of employment, social security number, mothers maiden name, and birth certificate information. It also happens with your drivers license information being stolen or sold for money from a inside employee.

The three ways that a criminal often gets caught is when you filed a identity theft alert, the criminal has overlapping IDs in the same state as you, and the criminal gives your ID to police assuming you have no warrants when you really do have warrants.

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